Shocks and struts help keep your vehicle’s ride smooth.

Some signs your struts may be wearing out, which will affect your vehicle’s handling and turning ability.

  • Hydraulic fluid will leak out from one or more of the struts, if they’re breaking down.

    The top of the strut may be wet, hydraulic fluid will be running down the strut. Because the fluid is often is not visible, our mechanics will spot the leaks during an inspection.

  • Pushing the hood car down by hand is another easy way to check the condition of the struts.

    If everything is fine, your vehicle will come back up and settle immediately, not bouncing one or more times. This bouncing can also be noticed when you hit a bump while driving. If the vehicle continues to bounce and not settle quickly, it is a sign the struts are wearing. A car bottoming out is another sign that struts may be wearing out.

  • Tire wear or uneven tire wear is yet another warning sign to watch for. Worn struts may lead to tire cupping, which causes your rear tires to sound like a basketball is being dribbled down the street while you are driving.

    Tire wear will usually be the first telltale sign that your struts are wearing down. There will be high and low spot patterns on the tire and bouncing of the tires on the street.

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