Considering a used vehicle? Let us do a Pre-Purchase Inspection.

With the average price of a used car at nearly $20,000 being sure that investment is a good one becomes crucial. There is no better way to know the condition of a used car than a pre-purchase inspection done by a trained and certified mechanic. The Muffler Shop has been performing pre-purchase inspections for decades and giving our customers peace of mind that their investment in a used vehicle is a wise one.

In addition to pre-purchase inspections we are always glad to share our decades of experience servicing all makes and models of vehicles. Some brands are better than others and we have seen them all in our facility at one time or another. Certain vehicles lend themselves to being reliable and long lasting, there are others we would suggest you avoid with or without a pre-purchase inspection.

Some used vehicles will come with a “certification” or will be otherwise warrantied against major failures or break downs. Including a pre-purchase inspection can further increase your chances of buying a used vehicle that you will enjoy owning for a long time. When a used vehicle for you, or maybe a child, is in your future let us know so we can do a pre-purchase inspection for you.

Call us today for a pre-purchase inspection appointment.

We will make sure you purchase a well taken care of used vehicle.