Even something as simple as oil and filter changes can be done better.

When you bring your vehicle to The Muffler Shop for an oil and filter change you can expect to receive much more than that. Our ASE certified technicians will do a complete multi-point inspection of your vehicle to give you early notice if something may need attention. Regularly scheduled oil and filter changes are one of the best ways to make sure your vehicle performs at its best.

Not just any oil and filter change will satisfy our mechanics, we use only the highest grades of oil at the proper viscosity for your vehicle. The filters we use are a higher grade than most and we have found that the premium filters do a much more effective job of protecting your car or truck’s engine from dirt and debris.

Our highly trained and conscientious staff will discuss with you your driving habits, performance desires and overhaul vehicle ownership objectives to create an oil and filter change strategy to meet those requirements. Having your vehicle’s oil and filters changed by us will be another way to prolong its useful life. The best news is that the price of an oil and filter change from us is very similar to the price you would pay at other establishments.

Call us today for an oil and filter change appointment.

We provide the highest quality and expertise for your Oil and Filter Changes.