Hybrid maintenance requires specialized knowledge which we have.

If you have a Toyota Prius, Chevy Volt, Honda Insight or any other hybrid vehicle, please call The Muffler Shop the next time you need hybrid maintenance or service. Because our ASE certified mechanics are so well trained, our facility can perform required hybrid maintenance even for vehicles with extended warranty

Every vehicle is unique but routine hybrid maintenance costs on a hybrid vehicle may be lower than on a regular car. Since the gasoline engine shuts down when the car is idling or driving at low speeds it is used much less than on a regular vehicle with the same mileage. When the electric motor takes over it drastically reduces the wear and tear on the gasoline engine. Hybrid maintenance is well within the scope of work we perform daily, and we would be pleased to be your hybrid maintenance shop of choice.

If you have any particular concerns or questions related to hybrid maintenance our qualified service advisors will be happy to address them.

Please call us today to discuss hybrid maintenance for your vehicle.

Scheduled preventative maintenance for your car, truck, SUV or Hybrid vehicle.