Charge! That is what your electrical system should be doing.

Few systems in your vehicle can be as vexing as the electrical system when it comes to trying to chase down an issue. And few systems are as sensitive to the most unusual challenges; mouse chewed through a wire, a connection (somewhere) came loose or there is an unusual power draw (again, somewhere).

There are some common causes for electrical system problems that may help you narrow down the potential issue(s).

Dead, or Dying, Battery

Battery life in the desert is often much shorter than a more moderate climate. Come in and let us check yours.

Faulty Starter

If you hear a clicking noise when you try to start your vehicle, a starter issue could be the reason why your car won’t start.

Bad Alternator

The alternator is what keeps your battery charged. It is connected to a belt system that turns by the rotation of the engine and the power it creates recharges the battery when the vehicle is running.

Bad Ignition Switch

Signs of a bad ignition switch include flickering dash lights, the key not turning in the ignition or the vehicle stalling.

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