Oh no, my check engine light is on - now what?

What separates the average auto repair shop from the top-notch facilities is their ability to quickly and accurately diagnose what is wrong with your vehicle. At The Muffler Shop we have the latest in computer technology, the most advance resources and the most skilled mechanics to make sure that the repairs we recommend are exactly what your vehicle needs.

We have so many customers who first came to us after another auto repair shop could not figure out what was wrong with their vehicle, often after much expense. Our decades of hands on experience along with the latest in computerized diagnostics equipment give us a huge advantage over many shops. Often, we hear from our satisfied customers that had been about to lose hope that the issue with their vehicle would ever be figured out.

When you see that engine warning light, hear that funny sound or smell something that isn’t right rest assured we can quickly figure out what it is, know how to fix it and can tell you upfront how much it will cost. So, for you, as a customer of ours, that check engine light warning just means take your vehicle to The Muffler Shop and there is no reason to worry.

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