In the desert your cooling system’s operation is critical

In our experience, the number one cause of major engine failures is related to cooling system problems, primarily due to neglect of cooling system maintenance. We see some very expensive engine repairs due to this neglect.

Because of variables in driving conditions, the type of coolant, and your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, the cooling system will need to be serviced approximately every two years or 30,000 miles.

A cooling system service at The Muffler Shop involves multiple steps.

  • We start by adding a chemical that breaks up the contaminants in the system while running the car until it heats up. Running the car until it heats up also allows the thermostat to open, so fluid is running through the entire system.
  • The job of the additive is to rid the fluid of the contaminants and aid in the next step, the flush.
  • We will add a specified amount of new coolant into our Snap On Coolant Exchange machine and connect it to your vehicle. The amount we add is determined by your manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • The exchange machine forces the old fluid out completely and adds new coolant along with a special conditioner. The purpose of the conditioner is to fortify the coolant and reduce electrolysis.

Call us today for an appointment to have your cooling system serviced properly.

We go the “extra miles” to make sure your vehical’s cooling system is maintained properly.