Expert brake service in Henderson, Las Vegas, and Boulder City

At The Muffler Shop, we understand the importance of your brakes for the safety of you, your family and the public in general. That’s why, at a company level, we have made a conscious decision to make your vehicle’s braking ability as good as possible. The parts we select for your brake service and repair will always meet or exceed your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. Our Pro-Cut on car brake lathe will guarantee no brake run out or brake pulsation when your rotors are resurfaced.

We also only allow well trained, experienced brake technicians to do your brake service. Our brake technicians are qualified ASE Certified or Master Technicians. This gives you an experienced eye looking over your vehicle and making the right decisions when it comes to your braking system and brake service.

Call us to have your brakes inspected and serviced when you experience any of the following:

  • Pedal Pulsation
  • Low Brake Pedal
  • Grabbing Brakes
  • Hard Brake Pedal
  • Low Parking Brake Pedal
  • Scraping or Squealing Noise
  • Brake Pedal Sinking to The Floor
  • Chatter Noise When Brakes Are Applied
  • Yellow or Brown Fluid Leaking Under Vehicle
  • Brakes Drag When You Are Not Pressing Pedal
  • Brakes Require More Than Normal to Stop
  • Vehicle Steering Pulls to The Side When Braking

Call us today for a brake service appointment.

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