We live in a desert, so you need auto air conditioning that works.

It can be easy to take your vehicle’s air conditioning system for granted, right up until the triple-digit day it doesn’t work anymore. Air conditioning is not a luxury when you live in Las Vegas, Henderson or Boulder City – it gets hot here! Like most of your car’s systems a little maintenance goes a long way.

There are many components that make up your vehicle’s air conditioning system and the ASE certified mechanics at The Muffler Shop are familiar with all of them. By checking and testing them regularly we can help you prevent any issues when you need your air conditioning the most. It is a good idea to run your air conditioning occasionally during the cooler months just to make sure everything is operational.

One thing some auto repair facilities may neglect is checking your hoses, belts and air conditioning filters every time you bring your vehicle to the shop. Our staff is aware of how important your air conditioning is to safe and comfortable travel. When you want only the best and most thorough service for your car’s air conditioning come see us at The Muffler Shop.

Call us today for an air conditioning inspection appointment.

We go the “extra mile” to make sure your vehical’s Air Conditioning is maintained properly.