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Talented Service Technicians

Selecting and keeping the right people to service your car is top priority at our shop. We look for those unique qualities that show a dedication to the job. We look for those with industry certifications from ASE and from experience. Very few shops have the level of talented technicians that our shop has. This means you get the very best looking over your car to repair it and make it dependable. Our technicians are the key to your peace of mind with your car’s reliability.

Heavy Investment In Equipment And Technical Resources

We have always invested heavily in the best equipment available which allows us to service, diagnose and repair your vehicles expertly. As vehicles become more complex our technicians are continually attending classes and seminars. Our ShopKey information system is updated quarterly to keep us current with the industry for all repairs and technical service bulletins (TSB’s). Our ShopKey management system will also keep track of everything that is done to your vehicle so that we can keep you current with all your needed repairs and servicing.

Qualified Service Advisors

The service advisors are the people you discuss your car care needs with and they provide you with the expert advice you need. Very few auto repair shops have ASE Certified Service Advisors. All of ours have this respected industry certification. They have the industry education and experience that allows them to provide you with the very best service possible. Our advisors are very friendly and helpful. They are mindful of the importance of their role in helping you get your car serviced or repaired with as little problems as possible. Their goal is to provide you with the expert advice that helps you reach your car care goals.

In Business Since 1982

The founder, Dave Beason, has the experience of operating The Muffler Shop continuously since 1982.  Additionally, his qualified staff has many years of hands-on experience to help you with all of your vehicles needs.  Their dedication to service and hometown ties is what has held The Muffler Shop to its goals and standards of top notch customer service.